As predicted.

TWA / Barrels

..They brought a storm with them, raised the roof, the rafters and created one hell of a great sound. Fresh from the previous nights gig at Eyemouth, The Warehouse Announcement as usual, poured 200% energy and passion into a fabulous performance. The gig was great from start to finish..But three highlights stood out for me :

1)’Keep on Movin’ which morphs into an extended, hip grinding, dirty rhythm’ed  workout that injects legal amphetamine into your feet.

2) The new track! Dunno what it’s called, but god, it’s s blinder.

3) ‘Harrys Out’.There something about this track. And I don’t know what it is. The opening refrain, played by Scott is somehow full of meaning – resignation – sadness perhaps, but subtly beautiful also…It’s like the vague autumnal regret at not having made the best of an all to brief a Summer. Then the Goldie guitar weaves in and out, soaring and delicate, while the lyrics…”…Tried to paint some colours over grey…why don’t people let me breathe…It’s the only place that lets me dream….”

Like the best literature, the best music feels as though it’s been specially written for YOU. Have you ever read a book where you felt the author was speaking to you? About your life, your condition and the way you think? Call it the Catcher in the Rye effect, but ‘Harrys Out’ is like that. A true desert island disc.

What else?

Espionage of the Loc : were completely brilliant (video to come) – I still can’t work out what to call their music, but they were tight, melodic and full of post punk, psyched out pop and weird brilliance.

The Barrels : I’ve decided I love this place. I want to move in with a sleeping bag behind the bar and listen to great music 24 x 7.

Berwick : Small place…Last outpost of England…Full of epoch changing history…A bit tired in places…And then….It produces some very talented , wonderful musicians and creative people. Stuff happens in the final corner of England. Plus there’s The Trip &  the Spittal chippy.


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