Le Woodsmen / Live at The Barrels – Stuck like glue

Le Woodsmen

An unexpected and glorious flavour of Americana, subtle vocals and even a little slide guitar…Here’s Le Woodsmen playing ‘Stuck like glue’ at The Barrels in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Borders, even those benign and almost invisible create a certain kind of expectant and creative tension – perhaps that’s why Berwick plays host to a significant amount of diverse and unexpected musical creativity. From the visceral funk/grunge rock of The Warehouse Announcement to the unclassifiable quirk-pop-punk of Espionage of the Loc, to Le Woodsmen…It’s an interesting place.

Plus. Of course….There’s the Robert Smith Chippy in Spittal. I mean it doesn’t get any better. If my bones were less crumbly I’d be doing a backflip off the prom.


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