And hot on the heels…something completely different..

So, after the rock ‘n’ R ‘n’ B fest that was the ‘Burning Up’ video, another, rather different video is shortly going to be released by 80:8. I think it’s going to be a love/hate thing. It’s going to polarise opinion, which in essence I suppose is what it’s all about. I know one thing though, it won’t be forgotten.

This is the video for Jason Kyrone and  ‘Wisdom’, a piece of music that is like some future, unheard vision of acoustic prog-opera. It’s the acoustic twin of Bohemian Rhapsody – rich, melodic, soaring and glorious with an insistent melody that wraps around your brain and leaves you humming it for days. It’s full of allegory and symbols, rich wordplay and yet, a certain sweet and beautiful innocence also. So, with music like that, the video had to be something else and…..I think it is. The preview will be released this Wednesday morning and the full video a week after that. I’m proud of how the video turned out – but I’ll be very happy if it helps a man who simply bleeds glorious music to make it and for more people to hear him. Fingers crossed. His talent has to be heard. It would be a travesty for it not to be.

Luckily Mrs Kyrone (Jasons mum) likes the video. So I think we’ll be OK. Oh, and remember he’s on at Paxton House, October 29th with Annie Drury. It’s going to be quite a night.


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