Burning Up – The Video / Not long to wait now…

Not long now

Patience is a virtue, so my Aunt Lavinia used to say. So, for everyone who’s been hanging around, waiting patiently for the full video of Burning Up by Lost In Audio to be released, well, there’s one sleepless night left. The video will be released and available for everyone to view on YouTube tomorrow morning. And yes, it’s a blinder. If this isn’t a video for a band going places then nothing is. It’s about energy, performance and a band hungry to succeed. Edges are always the most interesting part of any shape, and there’s three here…All cutting. If this has whetted your appetite then check the band out at The Liquid Room, Edinburgh on November 4th. We’ve been told something very, very special is going to happen.

Oh, what time tomorrow morning? Early, sunrise probably.

Preview vid is here.


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