Suspire / In the charts with a bullet!

Suspire, our fave Glasgow based atmos-indie-spaced, art-rock band (my own description, apologies) are seriously denting the charts with their latest single ‘Salvation Sister’. So it’s huge congratulations to them for being the highest selling unsigned act in the official UK charts. They beat a few other artists who also released singles in the same week…Like Bjork. But y’know it’s not about competition, it’s the sheer joy that a hard-working band, producing great and original music and who also happen to be rather nice people, are finally getting some recognition. Not bought the single yet? It’s easy – get it on iTunes or here. What else is 79p going to do for you? Spent on this track it’s gonna make you groove. Anyway, here’s a little montage of photo’s from the single launch gig at the Arches, Glasgow a few weeks ago.


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