Burning Up / Video Preview & How we did it

Here’s a little preview of the soon to be released official video of ‘Burning Up’ by Edinburgh based band, Lost In Audio. All shot, directed, edited, produced and colour-graded by 80:8. We shot the video over a six hour period between 9pm and 3am in a top-secret Borders location. And y’know, I think it came out really rather well. The full length video is a great example of constant visual and aural energy – the guys in the band put in amazing performances take after take after take (we did 21 in total)

For those interested in the how’s, why’s and wherefores we used :

– A Canon 5DII with 24-70 f2.8L & 24mm TS-E lenses, Full 1080P @25fps, converted to ProRes 422(LT) for editing, then output in 720P for uploading to YouTube. No sharpening, contrast turned down low and saturation down two notches.

– Lighting was an esoteric mix of my Bowen’s flash heads with the modelling lights on, Maplin disco lights, LED’s from 7 Dayshop and of course what every film director needs…Site floods from MachineMart!

– With all these lights I managed to shoot at 640 ISO so grain was kept to a minimum, aperture wide open most of the time.

– Editing in Final Cut Pro, titles via Motion and Colour Grading via er, Color!

– Syncing was done by eye (based on the audio waveform) then a multi-shot sequence was created in FCP allowing me to cut from angle to angle easily.

And that was it! A breeze! The intention was to create a high-powered take on the ‘Bubbles’ video by Biffy Clyro, except of course on a budget of £9.87 – or the price of chinese takeaway for four people. And, y’know what – I think it succeeded. I’ve projected the video at a size of 50″ and it stands up really well, while on YT I like to think it stands up to pretty much anything.

So, four blokes in a shed basically. Limits, actually, make you go further.


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