If Suspire don’t win, I’m listening to my dad’s Bert Kaempert box set

Clare / Suspire


OK, we’re off to see Suspire at their single launch party on Saturday night, and…We can’t wait…Salvation Sister is getting loads of deserved airplay and is just a great piece of music. But also the band are up for an award or two in the Scottish New Music Awards – Group of the year and Indie recording of the year…If they don’t win anything, it’s wrong and I’ll be listening to all 76 tracks in my dads Bert Kaempert box set. Who’s that dude? Dunno, he’s German and plays a trumpet I think.

Suspire are talented, creative and above all, interesting. Fingers crossed. I’m sure Burt K is also, but well, he just doesn’t do it for me.


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