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Jason Kyrone / Wisdom, The full video, now available.

Jason Kyrone – Wisdom

So here it is at last. An amazing song and a video to match it. Enjoy.


Generate Radio / Lost In Audio Interview

Generate Radio / Interview with Lost In Audio

So, Lost In Audio popped into Generate Radio for a quick interview and a (then) exclusive play of ‘Burning Up’ – the bands latest single. Good chat, a good cup of tea and well worth listening to. Watching also, so here’s the edited video highlights. Thanks to Oscar and Kyle for setting up the interview at such short notice.

Skinny Love / Cover by Matt Wilson and the final 80:8 Session!

Matt Wilson

So, it was the final 80:8 session in the reverb-heavy kitchen at our home in Edrom yesterday. Scene of many a band playing unplugged, pizza being scoffed, and general tales of rock mayhem….So we move out today and fittingly end the 80:8 kitchen sessions with Matt Wilson playing a fabulous cover of ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver. Are we sad to be going? No, I can’t to wait to leave. Just wait until you get a load of the next place!

Here’s Matt : Enjoy!

It’s going to be rather good / Paxton House : Annie and Jason

Annie & Jason

It feels like Christmas as a kid..The countdown, the sleepless nights, the expectation. Annie Drury, Jason Kyrone, Paxton House, the amazing gallery room…Plus a few surprises. It’s going to be like nothing else. I would only be slightly more excited if the classic Motorhead line-up of Lemmy, Phil Taylor and Eddie Clarke, were to reform and play ‘Bomber‘ on my birthday.

Le Woodsmen / Live at The Barrels – Stuck like glue

Le Woodsmen

An unexpected and glorious flavour of Americana, subtle vocals and even a little slide guitar…Here’s Le Woodsmen playing ‘Stuck like glue’ at The Barrels in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Borders, even those benign and almost invisible create a certain kind of expectant and creative tension – perhaps that’s why Berwick plays host to a significant amount of diverse and unexpected musical creativity. From the visceral funk/grunge rock of The Warehouse Announcement to the unclassifiable quirk-pop-punk of Espionage of the Loc, to Le Woodsmen…It’s an interesting place.

Plus. Of course….There’s the Robert Smith Chippy in Spittal. I mean it doesn’t get any better. If my bones were less crumbly I’d be doing a backflip off the prom.

Matt Wilson / Live at the Barrels Berwick-upon-Tweed

Matt Wilson / Live at The Barrels

What a great night it was at The Barrels in Berwick-upon-Tweed last night. Great music from Matt Wilson, Le Woodsmen and Electric Penelope, a great atmosphere and an appreciative audience. Matt played a great set, his voice now his main instrument given it’s newly husky, yet still sweet edge. Here’s a little edit of “Taste of a Smile’. It’s a little soft and grainy as I had to shoot it at 3200iso and wide open at f2.8 (The Barrels is a little dark) but it conveys a great night and a great song. One more from Le Woodsmen later!

As summer retreats…



…It’s probably good to have a reminder of Spring, the very cusp of Summer, it’s colour and the suggestion of warmth it conveys. Brrr. Getting cold outside.



Jason Kyrone : ‘Wisdom’ Preview / Now Available on YouTube

Wisdom Preview

The preview video for ‘Wisdom’ by Jason Kyrone is now available. 30 seconds doesn’t do this amazing song justice…But the final cut will be revealed in a weeks time. This song and this performance is stunning and shows an artist bursting with talent who really needs to be heard. Give it a play, see what you think and come back in a week.

And remember, you can catch Jason at Paxton House on the 29th October.

The Barrels Berwick / Matt Wilson, Le Woodsmen, Electric Penelope

It’s probably best to move on quickly after that last post. So, the place to be this Friday is The Barrels in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Not only is the newly nineteen and fabulous Matt Wilson playing, but Le Woodsmen are on – who are just great and Electric Penelope who I’ve not seen before but have heard good things about. It should be a very good night.

Coincidently, it’s also our last night in the current 80:8 gaffe, so we’ll be saying goodbye to the famously reverb heavy 80:8 kitchen by hopefully coaxing Mr Wilson to play one more last song for posterity. There will be tears in our eyes.

Guilty Pleasures / 2 : The Deanster

The Deanster


…Or how to lose whatever feeble cred you may have had…By admitting a deep love of ‘Lydia’ by the great, the only, FriedMeister – Dean Friedman. Now I’ve been banned from even mentioning his name at home, however I feel the cathartic urge to reveal this obsession in the medium of blog – knowing full well that it will be indexed for all eternity by Google. But hey! That’s the price of commitment 🙂 Oh – what was guilty pleasure no 1? Well, if you missed it it was WD-40. Ahem. I have to say though, what give’s with the ‘tache?!

Here’s my favourite song Lydia, in the official video. Perhaps.