Latest Gear Review : Zacuto Z-Finder Pro

OK, it’s hideously expensive for a magnifying glass. But like most things, you probably do sort of get what you pay for. First of all, if you’re serious about D-SLR Videography then you NEED something that will allow you to focus accurately. Us still photographers are so used to auto-focus through the optical view finder that it can prove to be a bit of shock when you realise that when shooting video, the mirror is up and you have to rely on the LCD screen. Which is tiny, so unless you’re shooting a still object, it’s all rather overwhelming.

Enter the loupe. It magnifies the screen and you stick your eye to it, just like a proper pro-vid cam. Of course it kinda makes you look like some sort of Borg/Terminator/cyborg dude or a complete ar*e, depending on your definition of cool, but it does work. Why is the Zacuto especially good? Well, it’s strong and easy to use and clip on and off. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but when you’re mixing it in the mosh-pit and having beer thrown over you, or the lead singer about to stage-dive on your head then something easy to use and robust is vital. I expect to use mine every weekend  for five years before it falls apart. On that basis it’s cheap. If however, you use it every six months…Then get something cheaper like a Hoodman Loupe.

Here’s the review:


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