Ames Band / Lovely New Website

We had a fabulous photo-shoot with Ames (the band) a few months ago in a tunnel (!) in Edinburgh and got some really good ‘n’ gritty shots. It’s always nice to see our photo’s being used how they were intended and here’s a perfect example : The Ames Website It’s still in build mode at the moment but doesn’t it look great? I really love the bio page – it’s fun, accurate but also says a lot about a band who are getting to that telepathic groove stage. They really buzz off each other and of course having an uber-cool drummer who can wear shades inside and still be ice-cold is always a bonus. Catch them at Henry’s Bar in Edinburgh on the 26th of August. Oh, and what do they sound like? Well, check out the video’s here and here – post punk, riff and sinuous bass with a tighter than tight beat. Great lyrics also. It should be quite a night.

Ames Band

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