Peyton Place @ Cab Vol

Peyton Place @ Cab Vol


Supporting Lost in Audio last night at Cab Vol were a fabulous pop/rock band from Montrose called ‘Peyton Place’. I must admit that the name immediately put in me mind of my mum endlessly watching the unfeasibly dull american soap opera of the same name on dreary Sundays in the ’70s, but that’s just ‘cos I’m old and getting on a bit. Suddenly though, I feel the sudden and crazed urge to scoff a Curly-Wurly washed down with Tizer and a handful of Spangles.

Anyway…I had never heard them play before…But what a great band! All the guys have fabulous voices and their infectious uplifting harmonies are simply glorious. Check out ‘Anthem for August’ on their Reverbnation site for the perfect introduction to the band. I might have some video footage of ‘Ticket to New York’ coming soon.


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