Rowchester Festival 2011 / There’s a bit of a buzz

Well, the word out on the street, uh, sorry, the leafy by-ways of Berwickshire, is that The Rowchester Festival is the place to be this summer. And there’s not long to wait as it’s on the 15th -17th July, just outside Greenlaw, Berwickshire. We’ve bumped into loads of people in the last few weeks saying they are really looking forward to it, and you know what? So are we. It’s going to be the usual fabulous mix of quark, strangeness and charm (One for all you Bob Calvert fans there) with some great bands playing – The Warehouse Announcement, The Futureheads, Lost In Audio, Jakil and loads more. There’s camping, DJ’s and of course a silent disco….How can you miss it? If you do nothing else this summer – head to Rowchester.





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