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The Warehouse Announcement / Album Launch


Probably the best gig I’ve seen in a long time. A band at the top of their form playing some amazing songs and performing as though their lives depended on it. These five people create an energy that makes the air crackle. Stuff explodes, people fizz and the funked up grungy riffs get even older bones grooving. And rocking out. A great set, a great band and a great album – Pick up the Pieces. A lot more to come – including some fabulous video footage. Any yes, that includes the Back Flip!




RED EP Launch / Lost In Audio at Cab Vol

And here’s LIA hitting the spot at Cab Vol with Burning Up : Video Live / Audio from the EP.

80:8 / Beer Review / Scottish Borders Brewery

Er, OK, so it’s not a gear review…It’s not a band promo, it’s not a picture of a lovely lady lit beautifully by flash and ambient light, but I have to say it’s a damn fine pint. Now being (northern) English I have a particular view of beer. It took me a long time to admit that Fullers ESB is actually a rather nice pint – which is something difficult to admit when faced with a seemingly average flat headed London pint a and a good dose of Manc pith ‘n’ wit. In my time in the gorgeous Scottish Borders, apart from the bottled stuff from the likes of Traquair House, I’ve not really tasted anything that whetted my appetite for a second, or a third. That vicarious need not to get tipsy, but to taste something delicious, complex, subtle and which nags at the taste buds for just another sip more. Well, here it is.

The Scottish Borders Brewery

Kept beautifully by The Allanton Inn (great food, ambience and er, everything) the beer is dark, malty and has just the right amount of rich sweetness without being too heavy. In some ways the best part of it is that the alcohol content isn’t too strong – it’s around 4.5% ABV which means for a poncey Southerner like me, two pints is just enough to enjoy the taste and also be enveloped in a lovely warm ready-brek style glow of increased wit and charm (all in my mind of course). I also slept like a log that night, which given I am prone to sleepless nights of guilt caused by accidentally running over a red squirrel three years ago, is something I crave. Er, anyway. It’s great. If you have ever come across Jennings Snecklifter – it’s a little like that but lighter, not so strong and with a character all it’s own. Highly recommended. After a bit of research I found out the brewery is very young and is quite literally…From Plough to Pint. It’s an amazing enterprise, something that everyone in The Borders should be proud of.

So. Drink Up!

And the album is free / Pick up the Pieces / TWA

Pick up the Pieces

So the deal is for £5.50 you get to see three great live bands – including the headliners – the rock and riff-tastic The Warehouse Announcement. Not only that you get a copy of the album absolutely free. What else are you going to do with £5.50 on a Saturday night?  OK, you could try the 24/hour Greggs that sells cans of Carling and the festive lattice but you’ll be disappointed. You could go for two pints over in Holyhead. But really, with 150 tickets nearly sold out, there is only one place to me. The Maltings / Friday 30th July.

Even better the album is NOT a bag of shattered fragments from an ancient analogue recording format – no, it’s a perfectly intact CD!

Peyton Place / Ticket to New York Live @ Cabaret Voltaire

Peyton Place @ Cab Vol

As promised, here’s a little snippet of Peyton Place performing ‘Ticket to New York’ live at Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire. A great pop band, with fabulous dynamics, harmonies and tunes. And they can all sing…How good is that? Enjoy.

TWA / Pick Up The Pieces : Review

Well, not long to wait now….Pick Up The Pieces, the debut album by The Warehouse Announcement is launched this Saturday at The Maltings in Berwick. For £5.50 you get in, see three great bands AND get the album! It’s a deal not to be ignored. Gotta be better than 2 for the price of 1 and a bucket of value lager. Even better, the album is a killer. Check out the review here. From New York to Berwick, now is the time for TWA to go stellar, so catch them while you can.

Peyton Place @ Cab Vol

Peyton Place @ Cab Vol


Supporting Lost in Audio last night at Cab Vol were a fabulous pop/rock band from Montrose called ‘Peyton Place’. I must admit that the name immediately put in me mind of my mum endlessly watching the unfeasibly dull american soap opera of the same name on dreary Sundays in the ’70s, but that’s just ‘cos I’m old and getting on a bit. Suddenly though, I feel the sudden and crazed urge to scoff a Curly-Wurly washed down with Tizer and a handful of Spangles.

Anyway…I had never heard them play before…But what a great band! All the guys have fabulous voices and their infectious uplifting harmonies are simply glorious. Check out ‘Anthem for August’ on their Reverbnation site for the perfect introduction to the band. I might have some video footage of ‘Ticket to New York’ coming soon.

Lost In Audio / RED EP Launch @ Cab Vol

They were tight, looked great and sounded amazing….And here’s a tiny little taster. More, much more to come.

Joe Hendry / Lost In Audio


The countdown to RED

You can find the countdown here : Countdown. At the time of writing we’ve got around 1 day, and 21 hours to wait. I’ve heard the new sound, the new tracks and seen the new look. It’s like nothing else. It’s about time Edinburgh had something to really shout about, so here’s the opportunity. ‘One More Tune!’

Cab Vol : 23rd July. LIA EP Launch.

The simple beauty of 2.8

After a long conversation with a friend and photographer, the point was made about lack of time to do…Anything. Y’now, it’s all about simplicity, creating the routine and just doing it. Routine and creativity seem like odd bedfellows perhaps, but in the rush of the day, the grind, the kids, the housework, the to and fro of social mores – embedding a little bit of routine can be very beneficial. The time taken is routine, but what is done with the time is not. Also…simplify. Spend a month taking shots at 2.8, when even fence posts can become something more. And Marlon? Mind the oranges.

Oh, and here’s the fence-post. Lovely innit?