New 80eight Website : Coming Soon

Time, inexorably marches on. Ideas, ideals, wishes and make-believe all change as we advance through the seven ages. Herman Hesse wrote a nice short story about the cycle of evolution a city goes through – from aggressive outpost of battle, through mercenary trading wealthiness to a dusty, quiet oasis of culture and thinking.

Hmmm. I’m not quite sure where the current 80eight website fits into that but it’s definitely time for an upgrade. I like purely visual driven sites and feel that if the images are strong, then people will be interested. With that in mind the new site is going feature lovely scalable images, a fab new gallery plus of course tantalising details of a new venture still tightly under wraps.

Things change. 80eight has and will continue to do so. To stand still is to atrophy. One thing I do know though – after a few years of this, we’re now approaching the exact point of quality, skill and imagination that we always wanted to be.

Anyway the new site is going to be WordPress driven, so a question to all SEO types out there – should I keep this blog or put a new blog page on the new site? What’s the best thing to do from a traffic perspective? Any ideas anyone?


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