Matt Wilson hits London

In a couple of days time, Matt Wilson, bard and busker of Girvan, will be hitting the big smoke and playing a few gigs in a little old town called London. We suspect he’s got a Megabus ticket for £3.50 and will be living on Ginsters pies and the infamous Greggs ‘Festive Lattice’, but hey, that’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. Actually, we know the Wilson clan has spread throughout the British Isles and he’ll be having a riot!

We’d love to be there and see him play at The Troubadour  club on the 22nd June, but we know he’ll own the stage and break a million hearts when he raises his eyes to heaven and sings “Love is dragging me down”.

Matt : Good luck, enjoy the experience. In the meantime, here’s a little reminder of what Matt can do.


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