Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude : Ames + Mixing Flash & Ambient light

Ok, enough pictures of blissed out Adriatic harbours, azures seas and skies. It’s time to get back to a bit of attitude, grit and yeah, punk. Here’s a few shots from our latest photoshoot with Ames. Regular readers (hello Dave) will know we featured Ames in her acoustic singer-songwriter guise ages ago, well now’s she morphed into punk riot grrrl and gone fully electric. Whether this is as seismic as Dylan going electric remains to be seen, but we’ll all find out soon as the band will be playing live soon.

So the photos? OK, taken with two lights, one main and one side/backlight. And then the cunning bit….extending the exposure in order to catch the tiny bit of ambient light coming from the overhead lights. And doing a zoom burst. This does two things – stops the tunnel from being completely black, and gives a little ghosting where the subjects are illuminated by the ambient light. Yet, at the same time, the main exposure is pin sharp. How does this work? Well, it’s the elemental rule of flash photography:

– Only aperture affects the flash exposure.

– Shutter speed determines only the amount of ambient light getting in.

Here’s a few more.


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