Steadicam Merlin : Wow + OMG / 1

This is the first in a series of reactive reactions to the recent acquisition of a Steadicam Merlin. This first installment follows my initial staring at the box followed by two hours reading the manual. Now, my usual modus operandi when faced with something (usually electronic) is to ignore the manual and start pressing stuff to see what happens.

The Merlin though, is something else. It’s engineering, physics, quantum mechanics (probably) and I suspect a whiff of eye of newt mixed up with a dash of Higgs-Boson condensate. For that reason I approached it carefully, as though handling the original scripts of Euclidean geometry that guided Brunel to design the Great Western and those big chain things in the photo 🙂

Yes, I am in awe. Both of it’s engineering reality and the knowledge of what it can do in the hands of a Steadicam-Meister.

Soon, I hope to progress to contemplating sticking a camera on top of it.

I hear the cry of ‘What on earth is he on about?’ Well, the Merlin is earthbound, but is capable of making you fly.

More later. With photo’s.


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