Dubrovnik : A quick postcard shot

Of course, going on holiday fully tooled up with a selection of lenses, your favourite cam and an unspoken but dark desire, to ‘get some stock’ isn’t always the best combination. Luckily though, Kir Royale, heat and one good day meant I got all the stock I needed within a few days. Here’s a bland, typical, but rather nice postcard shot. Lot’s of sky? Of course! where else would the ‘Welcome to Croatia’ text go? The other reasons for showing this photo is that as I type this, three hours after getting home, the sky is the colour of lead, it’s 8 degree’s and sheeting down with rain. Hence, I need a reminder of nights spent in t-shirts as I dig out the goretex and sweaters.

Dubrovnik though, is lovely. Restaurant Recommendation : Nishta It’s vegetarian and full  of glorious flavours, aromatics and the simple qualities of friendliness, quality and enjoyment. Loved it.



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