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Now we don’t do landscapes, but….

…I think this one is worth including. Hot off the press and the perfect confluence of stormy skies, golden sunshine, rain and the glorious Borders   countryside. Oh, and I checked both ends….


New 80eight Website : Coming Soon

Time, inexorably marches on. Ideas, ideals, wishes and make-believe all change as we advance through the seven ages. Herman Hesse wrote a nice short story about the cycle of evolution a city goes through – from aggressive outpost of battle, through mercenary trading wealthiness to a dusty, quiet oasis of culture and thinking.

Hmmm. I’m not quite sure where the current 80eight website fits into that but it’s definitely time for an upgrade. I like purely visual driven sites and feel that if the images are strong, then people will be interested. With that in mind the new site is going feature lovely scalable images, a fab new gallery plus of course tantalising details of a new venture still tightly under wraps.

Things change. 80eight has and will continue to do so. To stand still is to atrophy. One thing I do know though – after a few years of this, we’re now approaching the exact point of quality, skill and imagination that we always wanted to be.

Anyway the new site is going to be WordPress driven, so a question to all SEO types out there – should I keep this blog or put a new blog page on the new site? What’s the best thing to do from a traffic perspective? Any ideas anyone?

Weddings, marquee’s and of course, congratulations

Many congratulations to the newly wed Mr and Mrs Tait – Colin and Charlotte, our neighbours in Edrom Newton. Their day was sublime and complete with Millie the dog running down the aisle with the rings, to a magical fairytale marquee that has been filling the skyline of the Borders with dare I say it, romance. Charlotte looked glorious, Colin looked happy and the the two of them are jetting off to a secret honeymoon location this afternoon. As a memory of a wonderful night here’s a quick shot of the marquee and rose arch. Many congratulations to them both and two thank you’s from Colleen and I : 1) For inviting us to a very wonderful and special occasion and 2) For not asking us to do the wedding photo’s! It was too good a party to be fiddling around with camera’s!

Latest Band Poster : Lost in Audio @ Cabaret Voltaire

Lost In Audio at Cabaret Voltaire 23rd July


Here’s a sneak preview of our latest poster for Lost In Audio – this time for their showcase gig at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh on the 23rd of July. Even better we’ve just had an even sneakier preview of the latest track they are currently recording. It’s like nothing else. Nine Inch Nails and Justin Timberlake? You gotta believe it. It will set you on fire. Get the tickets now. This is a transformation.

Amazing fretwork from the Gold one


Here’s a quickly edited video from The Warehouse Announcements recent gig at Belhaven Fruit Farm (I know, they never play anywhere normal). Apart from the sound guy wandering around checkout 1:56 for some astounding fretwork mastery from Michael Goldsworthy. Fabulous stuff! I can do this kinda thing with my air-guitar of course.

Oh, and here’s the Spacehopper.

After the events of today, we’re just waiting for Paul to beat the world record for 100m on a Space-Hopper : In November 2004, Ashrita Furman took just 30.2 seconds to cover the 100 meter dash. Now, I don’t know about you, but after ten bounces I’m pretty tired and rather bored. So I have a lot of admiration for Ashrita. Question is – is anyone up for getting the 100m Space-Hopper dash in the Olympics?



Splintered Vinyl Announcement

As expected, this afternoons shoot with The Warehouse Announcement was the usual mix of high jinx, body punches and the throwing of vinyl LP’s against the wall. Mix with a big pink spacehopper and then you have the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. The shots are going to be used to promote the bands first LP – ‘Picking up the pieces’ which is due to be launched on the 30th of July at The Maltings in Berwick. It’s going to be loud, full of energy and great tunes and…Tickets are going fast. Anyway, here’s a shot from today – more later. Just off to A&E now to get a bit of vinyl shrapnel out of my leg.

A visit from The Warehouse Announcement

Tomorrow, The Warehouse Announcement are coming to visit us for a promo-shoot. In preparation we have been smashing vinyl LP’s up with hammers, dusting off the record deck, scouting out little used industrial units and sourcing a very nice 1980’s velour three piece suite with headache inducing patterns. In other words, Business As Usual in the TWA camp. So, they’ve got a new album out shortly, loadsa gigs lined up and it’s going to be a great Berwickshire summer for them. Here’s a pic from an earlier session. Watch out for the new pics soon – whatever happens, with Paul, Bob, Steve, Scott & Goldy, nothing is boring….

LIA @ Usher Hall / Docu-Video

A short docu-video from Lost in Audios recent gig at Usher Hall, Edinburgh. Featuring AAA footage backstage and of course the soon to be legendary T-shirt fail!

80:8 / Unit

Something is going to happen. You know the smell of ozone in the air just before a storm? The faint yet anticipatory hum in the air as you throw back the curtains on a glorious summer morning, or the knot in your stomach as the first few chords of a song you have never heard, but which is destined to be a forever favourite, crash through the speakers….?

Well, it’s happening. No details as yet. But it’s gonna be cool, fabulous and more importantly. Worthwhile.