The evil art of selective colouring


Photoshop has brought us many things. A user interface full of multiple tertiary clicks and menus hidden amongst icons so small and arcane that they may as well be the scratchings of a cabala adept, the blandness of vector art and of course, the ultimate evil – selective colouring. People don’t do it. Think of lurex bathing thongs and the fallen bejewelled eyelash of a drunken WAG. A monotone child playing with a blue balloon. No. Please. Having said that, perhaps it’s a guilty pleasure akin to listening ELO. So, here’s one I did earlier! Enjoy.





2 thoughts on “The evil art of selective colouring

  1. Yes, very true. It’s like weird colour grading in movies: people press the button because it’s there. Spielberg has got to re-release Minority Report without the inky wash very soon.

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