It only takes one shot

It only takes one shot. So bin the rest. The shot above (when in the correct aspect ratio) is a blinder. Even I like it. The rest of the shoot is OK – technically great, but missing something. So, if you are intent on showing your portfolio – don’t go for the more is better approach. Don’t blitz FaceBook with a hundred blurry shots of a vocalist in the same position. Choose the one you like. The skill of photography is not the kit, the button pressing, the photoshop skills, the mastery of F-numbers etc. It’s the ability to ‘see’ something, pre-empt it on the day and then discern that thing which makes an image special. Only you will know that. Not some magazine with a shoot-by-numbers rule of success. You will be judged by your worst photo. So. Don’t put them up. Be your harshest critic.


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