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Sharpness and the Luddite DNA

So sharpness. Another trick – diffuse the background by careful choice of aperture and throw the foreground into sharp relief. Here we have Ellen, aspiring model on her portfolio shoot, showing how this can work perfectly. But then, in periods of introspection, I wonder can images be too sharp? Where’s the mystery of the blur, the subtle softness hinting at perhaps an illicit grabbed shot that harks back to the very time and place the iris closed upon the camera eye? Another reason for the rise in popularity of light leaking plastic camera’s perhaps. There’s something organic in the way these devices capture an image , a hint of chance, a sense of you don’t really know what’s going to happen. Like comparing French wine from some mysterious little clump of vines deep in the Languedoc with that of a Californian wine-box merchant.

Perhaps as technology increases, there is a luddite DNA in all of us that craves uncomplication, a little time to breathe and the sheer joy of a dandelion clock being blown.


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