Lost in Audio / Track by Track – Closer to the Sun

“When the hope goes out the window….” Possibly my favourite track from the ‘Feathers’ EP by Lost in Audio – here Joe Hendry, lead singer, songwriter and guitarist tells us what it’s all about. No, it’s not about girls, no it’s not about broken legs or life on the road. What it actually is, is a talented young man, with a vision, a great band and a fierce determination to succeed. Joe/Murray/Ewan – It’s their song in so many ways. LIA, catch them soon supporting Jakil at The Usher Hall, Edinburgh on 28th May.
As a postscript….And it’s not just because we know the guys well….But there’s a sense, a buzz in the air, a palpable feeling that something soon is going to reach a critical mass and explode – that this band, are really going to make us all sit up and notice very soon.

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