The next stop is summer

Next stop summer. Lets hope so. Some songs have a great sense of things about to happen – being on the cusp of all that is possible, positive and exciting.  A little like going inter-railing for the first time with a ruck-sack on your back, some foreign money in your pocket and looking up at the departures board and seeing such exotic places as ‘Vienna’ and ‘Rome’. So you set out with a sense of nervousness coupled with excitement and the sheer need to get away and become who you truly are. Matts written one of those songs. So did ‘The Hold Steady’ with ‘Constructive Summer’ where one of my favourite lines is “Let this be my annual reminder – That we could all be something bigger”

Matts lyric are above. The sun sets on the surf, you’re sitting with your friends on the beach with a bottle of wine. Talking, digging your hands deep into the soft sand, looking into a friends eyes and perhaps realising you might love them. Days such as that need remembering, they keep us warm when days are cold, they keep us alive, when to sleep would seem the passive way out. Next stop – summer, enjoy.


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