Busy at the 80eight Media Cube / Matt ‘n’ Joe

Well, it’s been a busy couple of days here at the 80eight media cube. Arriving Friday and scoffing pizza, home-made chips and crisps were Matt Wilson together with Joe Hendry from Lost in Audio. The agenda? To talk video’s, photo’s and to collaborate on making it big. Which undoubtably these two will. In a packed 24 hours we’ve done interviews, radio shows, photo shoots, video shoots, made plans, laughed, nearly cried, howled, scoffed carb-loaded food and listened to umpteen Joe ‘There was this girl at Uni’ stories.

In all of this there is an incredible drive, focus and passion coming from these two young men. They fizz with energy, life and talent. It’s as though their blood is carbonated and their minds effervescent with synaptic sparks. Enough of the lyrical waxing, you should meet these two, or better still, give them listen. Here’s how:

Lost in Audio

Matt Wilson


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