80eight Gear Review : Glidetrack Shooter SD

Well, not so much a review as an absolute vote of confidence for a fabulous product. The Glidetrack Shooter is an absolute must-have if you are thinking about exploiting your D-SLR’s movie making capability. It’s small but big on impact and versatility. The video review isn’t really a review – there’s plenty of those knocking about –  but it shows you exactly what kind of big-budget looking effects you can achieve with it. From shoulder support to mini-dolly I would say it’s virtually indispensable – mine is being used all the time. I even use it for stills atop my tripod as it allows lateral movement and framing without having to move the tripod itself. Great if you’re into pano’s. Highly recommended and when it’s on your shoulder with a D-SLR glued to your eye and a video-mic on top, all of a sudden it starts making sense. Made in Scotland, just up the road from 80eight in The Borders and you know what? It’s a high quality, precision engineered product. It makes you feel good just owning it.


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