Moo MiniCards / We love them!

In between watching the kiss on the balcony and being amazed at the level of polish on those shiny breastplates, we’ve just finished a series of MiniCards for the best band in Edinburgh, Lost in Audio. MiniCards are great – I’ve been seeing them around over the last few months and have been very impressed. Aside from the size, the great thing about them is that you can have many different front designs or images – thus creating an instant portfolio, or in the case of Lost in Audio having a set of visuals that speaks volumes about them, their music and their sheer professionalism. On the flipside of each one is the band logo and a link to their bandcamp site, which features their latest funked up sounds. We love them – the cards and the band.

And oohhh…Wasn’t the dress lovely? But what about Pippa? Phwoooaaarrghhh….As they say in The Sun!


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