From the stage

Stage craft is an art. One perhaps that it easy to overlook, but then if you have ever seen a comedian bomb or a singer freeze or sense an unease emanating from a performer, perhaps you have had a glimpse of it. Me, I could never do it. The very thought of extrovert or flamboyant behaviour is enough to make me sweat and reach for the beta-blockers. So my admiration goes out to anyone who can do this. Joe Hendry from Lost in Audio is one of those people. Oh, he gets nervous before a gig – he enters a zone, but is then transformed once the guitar is plugged in, the amps are live and the crowd is expectant. I think it’s about comfort zone. On stage, Joe like all other performers owns it and knows it. It’s his stage and his time. Look at the audience in this shot. That’s what music is all about. To paraphrase one of Joe’s songs…”You’re the reason why I get stage…”


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