Pavlov’s Dog and Easter Chocolates.

Here at the 80eight media-pod, Good Friday came bright with a hint of sea mist and brine…Yet, no chocolate. ‘Tis true I’m afraid. We’re on a choccie and sweet free kick at the moment. Hence, as I was combing through my stock photo library I came across this shot taken last year and was transfixed. And for the first time ever I swear I could smell chocolate in my nostrils. Is that merely a Pavlovian response to the sight of such glorious, glossy delicacies? Or have Steve Jobs and Apple secreted a scent emitter somewhere in my Mac that scans the images up on screen and releases a scent that matches? I can see the benefits of that latter suggestion, but also the drawbacks. Front row at Sumo wrestling? No thanks.

Back to the lab and is that a bell I hear in the distance? Time to eat carrots. I should point out that was a poor joke for all you students of  historical Russian physiology out there. Happy Easter!


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