Lost in Audio / Justin Timberlake and Queens of the Stone Age

We’re off to do another photo-shoot with Joe, Ewan and Murray from Lost in Audio at the weekend, which will be another exciting chapter in their plan to reinvent their sound and image. Imagine, if you can, Justin Timberlake and Queens of the Stone Age, or Michael Jackson and Nine inch Nails. We’ve heard some of the new demo’s that are coming out of the LIA secret HQ in Leith and they are going to blow the audience away. Gulp! Just gotta get some great photo’s now! What else is happening in the not so secret 80eight HQ? Well, we’ve got a couple of new video’s in pre-production which essentially entails me listening to music, scratching my head and deciding what visuals will work. The good news is there are some cracking idea’s coming out and the video’s are going to be really exciting. We are stepping up a gear. The artists and songs will all be revealed later – in the meantime I’m just trying to construct a dolly. Pardon? Yes, a dolly. More later, plans are afoot!


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