The lush pleasure of a ripe yellow plum

There are times when you simply have to grab a ripe yellow plum, shortly before scoffing it and/or turning it into jam (or is it a preserve?) balance it mysteriously on water, apply some bubbles from the 80eight bubble engine (c), ensure small children and animals are at a respectable distance and take a photograph. This is what you get – another in a small yet intriguing series of watery photographs. Again, no photoshop, just a bit of setup courtesy of Alex Koloskov. This is what happens when there is a chill damp wind whistling across the potato (sorry tattie) fields of The Borders and it’s just too cold to venture out.

Now then. Time for a jam idea. Yellow plum and ginger.  You have to try it – it’s sublime. Finally, turn the photo upside down.


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