Losing Focus

Not from an emotional perspective you understand, but purely technically. When does an out of focus shot work over a pin sharp from edge to edge image? I think it’s all about trusting your own emotional response to an image combined with usage or need. Taking a product shot for instance isn’t going to be a situation for trying out your LensBaby or impressionistic blur technique, but perhaps a grabbed street scene is. Again, there are no rules – the most important thing as a photographer is to know what you like and to cultivate the quality of discernment. Know when to bin an image, know when to keep. Only keep the absolute best and only allow these to be seen as part of your portfolio, even if that means initially at least, only having a small number of images to show. It’s a harsh truth that we are all judged by our worst images, so only display your best. If you have a Flickr dumping ground, then make sure it’s under your personal name or a pseudonym, or make sure it only contains your very best work. Google will index everything, so if you intend making it as a photographer, make sure only your best stuff is found.


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