Beer, bands and guerilla marketing

Personally, I take great heart that in these days of sanitised experiences, health and safety and diets involving cress, that you can still rely on one thing : The close connection between rock bands and beer. Riders at gigs these days no longer feature ‘just the red’ M&M’s, Koi carp swimming in warmed San Pellegrino mineral water or quails eggs marinated in Stolichnaya and stuffed with caviar. They do ALWAYS feature beer though. Again as a spotty herbert I longed to drink a can of Special Brew, as that’s what my favourite band of the time drank (can you guess who they are?). When I did finally drink a can, it felt like someone had poured scalding bitumen down my throat whilst punching me in the stomach.

Some bands are so cool though that they create their own house beer to bring to gigs. Here we have an example from ‘The Warehouse Announcement‘ – one of the finest bands it’s been our pleasure to meet. A great bunch of guys, making tuneful, complex and glorious rock music that is funky, gritty, loud yet subtle.

I also think this slightly subversive use of product is a great guerilla marketing technique. Imagine leaving a can in a supermarket, or an empty in the bin. With enough cans, in a very short time a real buzz could be created. And knowing how Scott, Steve, Goldy, Bob and Paul get through a few tins, I don’t think that would be a problem 🙂


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