A dandy stag tea towel

It was a fine, but cold day in the Scottish Borders at the weekend. The snow drops were coming out and the river Tweed was a glorious silver ribbon threading it’s way through the fields and woods of Berwickshire. So I went for walk, with camera of course to maybe grab a few landscapes of the beautiful countryside. It’s amazing what you find in the woods though. Gingerbread houses of course, girls in red cloaks and of course bears eating jelly and ice-cream. I ignored all that though – way too passe.

I found this instead – a tea-towel imprinted with a very intriguing design – what I can only describe as a dandy stag wearing a cravat, pinned to a tree with clothes pegs. So of course I took a picture of it. What’s it all about? I have no idea. But it’s a great tea towel. Orwell and Goode? Who are these people? Why are they producing tea-towels with great pop-art designs on them and pinning them to tree’s? Who knows….I’m glad they are though. So, if you go down in the woods today, etc, etc.


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