A bit more Jason Kyrone

We’ve featured Jason Kyrone before, but here’s another photo featuring the cat in the hat.  The latest is that Jason’s video is now just about complete and is looking amazing. I’ll be doing a quick 30 second edit of it soon and will post a link once it’s ready.

Even more video news – the exclusive acoustic session featuring Epic 26 is now ready and is sounding and looking really good. Well, I say acoustic, but the guys brought in two keyboards, a laptop and a bass amp….Although there was an acoustic guitar and a tambourine featured so for them it was really stripped back 🙂 Unfortunately though we’ve lost our internet connection at Edrom, so you may have to wait for this one.

Do you ever get the feeling that video is consuming more and more of our time? Perhaps this is symptomatic of the way the business is moving in that there will no longer be just ‘photographers’ – but people with a variety of skills in terms of creating and manipulating digital media? Bring it on I say – I think it creates more opportunities, although inevitably if you don’t move with the times you will get left behind. Just think about the the monks when the Guttenberg press arrived.

The digital ‘revolution’ has brought about a great democratization in terms of bringing previously out of reach skills and capability to the man in the street. At the same time it’s devalued the substance of what’s created. What price a file? My belief though is that if we as photographers, film makers or whatever still strive to do stuff that the man in the street can’t do, then we’ll be OK. There will still be a product at the end that creates demand.

That’s what we say to the bands we work with. Produce the best you can. Jason does that. And he’s going to get noticed. Check him out. Oh, and it’s probably worth pointing out that Jason’s logo is not one of ours – it was originally doodled by the man himself. He also makes great chilli.


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