Apple Mac or PC ? Do you REALLY need to ask?

I admit it, I do love, or rather deeply admire Apple products. I really wouldn’t use anything else for my photo, design and video work. OK, the initial cost of ownership is perceived to be high but if you are trying to run a business I would say over a three of four year period you recoup the costs easily when compared to buying a cheaper PC. There is also something more subtle about a Mac and OS-X, the Mac operating system, in that it’s unobtrusive, simple and elegant and both lets you do exactly what you want to do, but is also strangely encouraging of anything vaguely creative – whether it be writing, photography, design or whatever.
I bought my first top of the range iMac four years ago for £1000. In those four years it never broke, never locked up, didn’t get slower and never needed a rebuild. All my time using it was spent doing what I wanted to do – not keeping it in good health and tinkering with it. I bought a new 27″ iMac a few months ago as my old machine was starting to struggle with editing HD video from my Canon 5D and here was another great, if not amazing benefit – that of migrating from one machine to another. With a Mac simply boot them up, connect them with an ethernet cable, let them talk to each other and a few hours later, your new machine is an exact replica of the old one. It’s incredible, it’s easy and very reassuring. I could also bang on about all the free stuff you get, how great they look etc, etc, but you know all that. All I would say is think past the initial purchase price, divide it by four (years) and think how valuable your time is – is it spent better on sorting problems out, or simply doing your stuff?

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