Flowering Tea

Yes, this is tea. Flowering tea. It comes as a dried, compacted pellet of muddy green leaves, wrapped in an airtight foil bag. Put it in a glass, pour boiling water on it and, well, it unfolds and flowers into the incredible riot of colour, scent and taste you see here. It is stitched together by hand and is probably one of the most unusual and exotic items I’ve ever seen. A guaranteed wow at parties and the tea itself is delicious, subtle and refreshing. It’s amazing. So Donald, thank you again for this and the mysterious little tea accessories you sent along…I feel a tea ritual is slowly brewing (sorry!) and I shall be tinkering with little glass crucibles and scented packets of oriental delight for some time to come.

Oh, this is a photography blog right? Ok, these shots were taken with a camera. Off to drink tea now.


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