A box of thanks

It’s not often, if at all, that we ever blow our own trumpet. I’m tone deaf anyway and Colleen struggles to play the triangle. However, a couple of days ago we found this sitting on our doorstep, being guarded, as always by our faithful Dalek. It was a parcel of interesting items from a recent customer of ours, Donald, for whom we did a shoot of him and his wonderful children. The shots turned out great, Donald was very happy, we were happy and now…Well, we’re overwhelmed really. Donald – if you are reading this, thank you, it was a most unexpected gift and much appreciated. On an abstract level, this has nothing to do with us, but reinforces the message that even if this fast moving, digital age, a great photo can mean so much more than simply the image you initially perceive.

Now, what was in the parcel? Tea, actually. Not your usual PG Tips, but something rather more exotic and fabulous. Check it out in the next post.


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