Light Colour and Water

So, just how on earth was this photograph taken? How much photoshop did it take? Did I electrocute myself as I fell headfirst into a huge bath of water with a 240v flash head trailing behind me? More importantly did I eat the plum?

There was no photoshop, I’m still alive and I don’t like plums. The photo came about because I saw some amazing photo’s by Alex Koloskov, who is a photographer working out of Atlanta over in the US. His stuff is amazing – he focuses on product photography which sounds a little dull, but he is an absolute maestro with light. He can make a can of mens de-odourant look like an object of desire and my god he’s patient. Not only that he shares everything he does on his blog. He’s a good man and a great photographer. So yes, I copied his setup with a few changes and rather than badly repeat him – check his site out here. The key is look at things differently! That’s all I can say! And as for sharing, he’s completely inspired me, so I will be doing the same on this blog. Keep an eye out.



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